General FAQ

Common questions and answers.

This is a crucial question for all of our IT services, from web hosting through to IT support and even the software we product. While the detail varies with the service options you have selected the overall answer is that we take every precaution to ensure data is securely backed up at least once a day on all of our services and we do various tests and reviews to ensure that your data is secure.

The answer depends on the service in question, we try to be fair and flexible so if you have decided to cancel mid-year on an annual service for any reason please feel free to contact our customer service to discuss details. Please note that not all services are refundable.

In general we charge as follows (there are some exceptions so please ask if necissary):

  1. Domain names - every 2 years
  2. Bespoke services - one-off
  3. IT/Software maintenance - monthly
  4. Web hosting - annually

At Exceed IT we believe our semi-bespoke, highly customisable, solutions are the best balance between a tailor made solution that works for you and a time and cost effective product. Open source products are often cheaper but normally come with various security or functional limitations.

Microsoft Exchange is a leading business Email and information Management tool used by many businesses. We recommend it when there are multiple devices involved or where backups of emails are important.


How to perform common tasks.

The exact details will depend on which mail system (POP/IMAP or Exchange) you wish to use and there are considerations. We recommend you contact us for support

Please contact our support team and we will talk you through how to achieve this.

We offer both shared hosting and VPS solutions to meet your requirements. Bigger sites or clients with multiple accounts tend to use VPS solutions. Otherwise our "Advanced hosting" package is our most popular package packing a range of features at a very reasonable price. All of our packages can be tweaked to meet your requirements.

Just give us a call or send us an email.

Exceed IT have been making IT solutions for 20 years and we believe that our semi-bespoke solutions are the right balance between a cost-effective and bespoke solution that is well-made and secure.