Domain T&C

Domain T&C

A request to register a domain name does not constitute a purchase until the domain name has been successfully registered with our registrar (OpenSRS, Nominet or other).

Unless by prior arrangement, Exceed IT System Ltd will charge for domain services in advance. If a domain name cannot be registered after you have paid for it we will refund your registration fee in full.

Should you be transfering a domain and the transfer fails (for any reason) you will still be responsible for the transfer fee.

Should you wish to transfer your domain name away from Exceed IT then we can release the name into a private 123-reg account where you will be able to control the domain. There may be a charge for this service (please confirm with Exceed IT).

By default, domain names will be registered in the name and details of Exceed IT or Exceed IT Systems Ltd unless you wish to opt-out or provide details (details must be provided in advance).

The following terms and conditions are provided by the domain registration services.