Exceed IT Products and Solutions

Exceed IT Products and Solutions

Exceed IT sells a range of products and services that use existing technology and are often provided as Sofware As A Service (SaaS) solutions or as single products, including (but not limited to) FUNDS CRM, ES Platform, Exceed Shop, Exceed CMS and Charity Portal. These products often involve a level of customisation for the clients requirements as per agreed specifications.

By purchasing or using an Exceed IT solution you agree to terms and conditions as defined under Intellectual Property and Ownership and Exceed IT terms as a whole where they apply.

Exceed IT will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that your product remains functional. However there are occasions where third party issues or other technological situations may prevent this and Exceed IT will never be financially responsible though they will make reasonable efforts to resolve the problem as quickly as possible where this is possible.

As products and solutions typically involve a bespoke nature they are non-refundable