Referrer & Commission Schemes

Referrer & Commission Schemes

Exceed IT Systems Ltd (Exceed IT) offer commission for the referral of businesses, friends and clients.

Exceed IT's referrer schemes are open to all clients and customers. To be identified as a referrer the client must first identify themselves with Exceed IT, this can be done by direct contact or via an Exceed IT online registration form. A referrer code will then be assigned to them for the relevant product(s) allowing the client to earn commission from sales that are identified by the client's referrer code.

It is the responsibility of the client to provide the referrer code in advance of any sales - once a sale is completed the referrer code can no longer be applied.

Comission is only payable for successful sales. In the event of a dispute, non-payment, partial-payment or cancellation no commission will be paid until the issue is resolved.

Exceed IT offer commission to existing clients for the successful referral of new business clients:

Commission on products and services
For products (including Web hosting and Exceed branded products but excluding domain names) Exceed IT offer a standard 10% commission on sales made of that product.

Commission on bespoke products and services
For bespoke services Exceed IT offer a standard 10% commission on the first sale. In certain cases Exceed IT may offer alternate agreements and these must be provided in writing prior to the sale.

Exceed IT reserves the right to withdraw this promotion at any time in the event that unforeseen circumstances make this unavoidable.